Leather Tips

Types of Leather

Aniline leather
Aniline leather is a very fine leather,commonly oiled or waxed.The oil or wax,added during
the production-process,gives the leather its characteristic and natural looks.

Semi-aniline leather
When anilineleather is being treated with a transparent paint and provided with a sheet of this paint,we than call it semi-anilne leather.It makes leather much more suitable for intensive usage.

Pigmentated Leather
This sort of leather is pigmentated (dyed) leather finshed with a sheet of protecting lac.It’s surface has normally a machine
made natural structure.This kind of leather is strong and durable.

Nubuck leather
Nubuck leather is rubbed up aniline leather with a velvet like surface.It has normally been prepared to be dirt-resisting.
Many people prefer this kind of leather.

Maintenance of Leather
The main rule for removing stains is react quickly and do not let the stain dry up. One should try to absorb as much as possible of the substance with a tissue or cotton. Immediately dab with warm (not hot) water. When the spots have not been deleted, be carefull with using all kinds of products. Please only use those products that have been advised by experts.

A few suggestions
Use water only. Dab with a tissue or cotton. Be carefull not to use to much water. Allways treat the stain with care. Afterwards
rub the area around the stain gently so we wont get any circkels from the water.

All kinds of oily stains will be removed best by using tallypowder. Provide a bit of powder on the stain. Press lightly and
leave to absorb for a few days.Afterwards remove the tally and the result will be a diminished or even vanished stain.

If you prefer a total cleaning of the leather we would advise you to go to a proffesional or you could inform at the dry-cleaning about their methods.

Leather Care
Most smooth leather types and also lambskin suedes tend to lose the typical leather appearance described above if dry cleaned. For this reason, with many types of leather wewould advise avoiding any kind of dry cleaning. Most leather types can naturally be safely cleaned by a good specialist leather dry cleaner, although it is not reasonable to expect the appearance to remain precisely identical to the original,in our experience, leather qualities which have been foil-coated or embossed may not be dry cleaned under any circumtances. This procedure will frequently result in destroying the foil, or weakening the embossed effect. We also know from experience that, in the case of goatskin suede qualities, a marked colour change frequently results. For these reasons, we use almost exclusively washable goatskin suede.

Please only iron leather inside out at the wool setting and using an ironing cloth (e.g. lining material). Professionals may also iron the right way out using a large piece of lining material as an intermediate ply. (A smooth kitchen tea towel can possibly also be used.). Note: Do not allow the iron to make contact with the leather.

Wearing Instructions

Leather which is left in its natural state and which has not been drum impregnated must be protected against moisture.

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